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Bunker Projects Artist Residency 

January - May 2015


For five months, Ben is working as an artist in residence at Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information about Bunker, check out the website here


During his residency at Bunker, Ben is working to create installations that insist on human interaction through the use of digital technologies like Processing, Arduino, and computer vision using the Kinect. He will incorporate sustainable methods of electric production, primarily using bicycle powered generators, so that his pieces can be powered directly by the public. Through these installations, Ben will focus on the materiality of our manufactured environment, working to amplify, modify, and distort the physical, visual, and audio stimuli created by standardization and mass production. 


Please feel free to stop by Bunker and see what Ben is working on. He has open studio hours on Thursdays, 2-6, and Sundays 1-5, or you can contact him here

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